Our company

Who are we?

UCM was founded in 1984 by Francis Vincenty on the Ardoise site in the Gard region of south-eastern France.

By 1991 operations had expanded and more space was needed, so UCM moved into a 1,700 m² building on the current site.

The company has gone from strength to strength, reporting steadily increasing sales and showing good profits. The economic crisis in 2009 presented profound challenges, but UCM weathered the storm and got back on an upwards curve. Pursuing a strategy of targetting new markets, it took on technical staff and gave them further training to equip them for the future. The company also expanded its plant with the addition of powerful specialised machinery.

In 2013 the company was taken over by Vincent Laugueux's Invotech, a grouping of several businesses that includes gear-cutting specialists Mercier Engrenages, which operates mainly in the aeronautics sector.

The Invotech group will soon have the capacity to offer customers comprehensive provision to meet their specific requirements. UCMI currently employs nine members of staff.

Breakdown of Business Areas



We offer spare parts manufacturing, sub-assembly and assembly (mainly for nuclear power stations)


Our technical expertise is sought after by the biggest players in the industry :
with whom we work directly or through the intermediary of primary or sub-contracted suppliers. We offer comprehensive provision or supply to integrate with existing operations.‎

Special Purpose Machines

We have unparalleled and widely recognised know-how in building machines to order for special purposes.


Thanks to our high-tech engineering expertise and proven analysis and consultancy skills, major clients in the mineral chemical industry rely on us for technical solutions that satisfy their needs.


We are experts in making mechanical parts and transmission components mounted on armament-related equipment.
Renk France, Nexter System

Food Industry

Our customers in the agro-food industry value the versatility and responsiveness we bring to our relationships, enabling us to offer a truly customised quality service.


Our SME structure means we can stay close to our local business customers and provide a fast, efficient repair service.

Our Values

UCMI is committed to

  • Bringing out and developing the talents of every member of the team
  • Respecting difference
  • Combatting discrimination on any grounds (eg. race, gender or age)
  • Promoting a team spirit
  • Unité dans le groupe de travail,
  • uilding a 'no-blame, no-judgment' company culture

A clean, tidy and organised working environment

  • Enhanced quality of life in the workplace
  • Safety maximised at all stages of the production process
  • Reduced downtime
  • Innovation facilitated
  • Improved efficiency through simple and accessible management tools (Continuous Improvement Working Group, 5S, 5M)


MERCIER is an SME sub-contractor that serves all areas of industry, operating mainly in the aeronautics and aerospace sectors.

Invotech and Vincent Laugueux bought the company in 2010 and since then Mercier has seen rapid growth, with turnover increasing from €980 K to €2.1 million between 2011 and 2014.

In 2013 Invotech seized an opportunity for external growth by acquiring UCMI, an SME in Bagnols-sur-Cèze that provides engineering services complementary to Mercier's, so that we can offer clients more comprehensive provision.

We design and produce small to mid-sized gears and other transmission elements for customers across the board.

Mercier is a supplier of choice for the biggest players in the industry, who value the skills and professionalism of our teams and also appreciate our new highly efficient machining plant.

The next essential step in our development is to set up export operations and potentially to acquire a further business entity.

Our aim is to expand our commercial offering and grow the Invotech Group to reach a critical mass of 60 staff.