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Inspection Apparatus

  • 3D Measuring machine
  • Profile projector
  • Measurement column on marble surface plate

Production Site

  • Workshop – 500 m²
  • Inspection – 15 m²
  • Storage hall – 20 m²
  • Office and Reception

Production Apparatus





Quality Policy

Key Objective

Ensuring customers are 100%
  • Reduced defects, which safeguards the company's continued success 
  • Industry monitoring to guarantee compliance with legislation, regulatory requirements and customers' in-house standards
  • Capacity-building to ensure staff have the skills required for carrying out operations
  • Internal audits and implementation of best practice, ensuring the efficiency of our quality management system improves continuously – helping keep our company at the forefront of the industry

« My team and I are totally committed to our Quality Charter and work hard to uphold it, both internally and in our relations with external partners. »
Vincent Laugueux

Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001

Our Quality Management System ensures we meet ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Customer focus, leading to improved service quality
  • Process approach, for increased efficiency
  • Budgetary control and waste reduction
  • Incentivising staff through a common goal
  • Management involvement and commitment
  • Proactively communicating with customers and our potential client base about UCMI’s quality commitments
  • A genuine pledge of trust towards customers
  • Opening up new markets thanks to increased competitiveness